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1987/88_ALGERIA_SAHARA_on one hand dangerous crossing ... alone ...nearly the end ... but on the other
hand funny, because I couldn´t move the motorbike straight on in that very deep, very soft SAHARA-sand ...
I came with much power and the motorcycle suddenly moved around and dug in ... as if by magic_close to
that place I had a bad accident some months before_fracture of my collarbone and four ribs, was found by
some french photographers and their models and was transported to the oasis 'In Salah' (hospital), leaving
back my motorcycle_Jochen A. Hübener

1 Kurzfilm von mir dazu bei YouTube:

22 in SAHARA: Jo's Motorrad in Riesen-Weichsandfeld tief eingesackt, Algerien 1987/88-15 01.25 06.05.2008

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