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1992_RUANDA_motorcycle-world-traveller Jochen A. Hübener at Lake Akagera, watching elefants, very
close_after this picture Jochen's friend Andrè left him back_he said it was a joke_backpack-trip through
Eastern-, Central- and Southern AFRICA 1991-92 with Andrè Zeidler

Dazu: 2 Kurzfilme von mir über  'per Jeep+Rucksack im AKAGERA National Park' bei YouTube:

14 RUANDA: per Jeep + RUCKSACK im AKAGERA Nat. Park 1991/92-08 00.57 27.06.2008
15 Tiere i. RUANDA; p. Pick-Up über ZAIRE n. UGANDA 1991/92-09 01.11 27.06.2008

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