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meine AFRIKA - Touren

- per Motorrad, Unimog, Rucksack
my -first- Africa-trip-motorcycle 'BMW R 80 GS Paris-Dakar' ... on the second  big AFRICA-motorcycle-trip ... always too much luggage on it ... East of ALGERIA 1986 BACKES-MERCEDES-UNIMOG ... always enough space ... and ... with a fridge ... cold beer ... and so ... here in NAMIBIA 1999 my special survival-rucksack ... excellent_absolutely water- proof (100%)_but ... never enough space_here in the OKAVANGO-DELTA_BOTSWANA 1992

-Jochen A. Hübener-

- map overview -

AFRICA - journeys
- by motorcycle, Unimog and backpack

AFRICA journeys by motorcycle, Unimog and backpack_Jochen A. Hübener
dark blue line-top         trip 1985         -by motorcycle
black line trip 1986         -by motorcycle
red point line trip 1987/88 and 1990/91
                        -by motorcycle
light blue line trip 1991/92    -with the backpack    
dark blue line-bottom trip 1999         -with the Mercedes-

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