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Jochen A. Hübener_Göreme_Turkey_38th day of the motorcycle trip around the world 1995 / 1996

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We - Micky and Mimy - (see: photo below) would like to present the author of this website. - we are the daughters of Jochen A. Hübener.

'MICKY' and 'MIMY'_Maike and Svenja_daughters of Jochen A. Hübener

Relatively early, our father already wanted to go on long journeys ...

When he was 3 years Jochen with his dog 'Hasso' in 'East-Harz-GDR'_shortly before his adventurous flight out of the -former- GDR (German Democratic Republik, East-Germany; kommunis- tisches Ost-Deutschland) to FRG (Federal Republic of Germany, West-Germany; West-Deutschland)_Jochen A. Hübener old, he was found at the railway station of LEIPZIG, from where he and his 5- year old brother Jochen  1949 with his brother Dieter (right) in Grossdeuben, Leipzig, GDR_shortly before his adventurous flight out of the -former- communist GDR (East-Germany) into FRG, Federal Republic of Germany (West-Germany)_Jochen A. Hübener tried to travel away by train, 1952 he fled under dramatic circumstances from East to West Germany.  When he was 9 years old - and up until the age of 13 - he toured with a children`s choir Jochen (right) together with other singers of the (Gelsenkirchen-Buer-) 'ERLER KINDERCHOR'_1957_Jochen A. Hübener in Europe. Later he undertook extended Jochen 1960 in Gelsenkirchen-Buer with his brandnew bicycle_he could buy it with the money that he had earned as a singer in the drama 'die Glocken von London' -at 'Städtische Bühnen Gelsenkirchen'- _Jochen A. Hübener bicycle 1961 on a bicycle-tour_together with (here) Lothar Machtan, today professor in Bremen_a good friend at that time_Jochen A. Hübener , moped (motor-assisted pedal cycle) and other trips across EUROPE.

He applied special attention to the economic area. First he worked in a German well-known bank 1967-70_Jochen together with other employees at 'Dresdner Bank Gelsenkirchen' _Jochen A. Hübener and acquired the 'Certificate of Apprenticeship' ('Bank-Kaufmann') and the 'Diploma of the Bank Academy' 1969_BANK-ACADEMY-DIPLOMA_Jochen A. Hübener ('BANK-AKADEMIE-DIPLOM'). During his following studies in 'Economics' Jochen 1975 with Angelika near the Cafeteria of the Faculty of Architecture of the 'TU-Technische Universität Berlin', 'Ernst-Reuter Platz'_during his studies at the 'FU-Freie Universität Berlin' 1972-78_Jochen A. Hübener and 'Politics' at the 'FREIE UNIVERSITÄT FU_'FREIE UNIVERSITÄT BERLIN'_Henry-Ford-Building BERLIN' he made a practical course in Peru / South America Jochen 1975 together with his Peruvian working colleagues _ during his practical training in 'organization' at the ship- yard 'Metal Empresa' in Callao, Lima, PERU, SOUTH- AMERICA_Jochen A. Hübener and travelled a lot through many Latin Jochen 1974 with Brunnie, a mexican girl-friend, who had studied in Berlin_she appreciated me -with her kindness- the mexican culture in and around Mexico-City_here TEOTIHUACAN_Jochen A. Hübener American 1975_during the 'western-railroad-trip' from La Paz in BOLIVIA to Antofagasta in CHILE_here: Atacama desert_Jochen A. Hübener countries Jochen 1975 with Angelika_ during the 'western - railroad - trip' from La Paz in BOLIVIA to Antofagasta in CHILE_Jochen A. Hübener.

For all his examinations he liked Jochen 1971 on the terrace of his parent´s house_Jochen A. Hübener preparing
at his parent´s house Jochen 1975 enjoying the evenings by the fireside in his parent´s house_here with Angelika and his brother Dieter H. Hübener_Jochen A. Hübener . Directly after having successfully finished his studies (3 Diplomas) DIPLOMA_Dipl.-Kfm. 1978_Jochen A. Hübener , he operated as a tourist-guide Jochen (left) 1979 as 'Yugoslavia-tourist-guide' _Jochen A. Hübener in Austria, Switzerland and Yugoslavia.

During the late seventies and the early eighties he didn´t travel outside Europe; he travelled with us -with his daughters- to some Greek islands, to the Netherlands, to some Canarian Islands and
often to Austria for skiing. Beside it he travelled a lot through Germany: he was in politics Jochen 1973 or 1974 together with his best study friend, named also Jochen, at a 'Demo' in front of 'Schöneberger Rathaus' in Berlin_during the study at FU BERLIN 1972-78_Jochen A. Hübener , he was involved in the political movement against the threatening nuclear missile armament in East and West, against the threat of a nuclear overkill, against the runway West of Frankfurt Airport ('Startbahn West'), against the nuclear power stations in Germany ('Brokdorf' among others), he was fighting for opting out of nuclear energy.
Professional ... he was active many years as an economist Jochen A. Hübener as economist at a well-known 'German Institute of Economic Research' (analysis, prognosis and politico-economic recommendations; member of the - half-yearly - spring and autumn forecast-conferences of the 6 leading 'German Institutes of Economic Research') at a well-known 'German Institute for Economic Research'. Beside his main job, he gave lessons in economics at some academies. He rounded off his activity by taking short term vocational employment in Uruguay 1986_working  as a short-time-expert in Montevideo at the Río de la Plata, URUGUAY; task of my work: 'improvement of URUGUAY´s economic forecasts'_here: the bay of Montevideo from the 117m high hill 'CERRO', 'Parque del Cerro'_Jochen A. Hübener , in Cuba During the lunch break, close to the conference venue in Havanna, CUBA. Task of my work in CUBA: 'transformation processes in EASTERN EUROPE ... effect on LATIN- AMERICA ... especially on CUBA'_1991_Jochen A. Hübener , Poland and the Czech Republic.
At the institute of economic research he had a special contract, thus giving him sufficient time to follow his inclinations to undertake extended adventure tours. This time his journeys led him not only to Latin America the world-famous 'Iguazu-Falls' at a point, where three countries meet: 'BRAZIL', 'PARAGUAY' and 'ARGENTINA', SOUTH AMERICA_1986_Jochen A. Hübener , but into many African the world-famous 'VIC'-Falls, 'VICTORIA-Falls',  at a point, where two countries meet: 'ZIMBABWE' and 'ZAMBIA'_ spectacular_1991_Jochen A. Hübener countries.

However, he found his scientific activities more and more restricting and -at the end- extremely boring. Assuming a favourable opportunity,
he quit his job and fulfilled his desire to drive -once in his life- with a motorcycle around the world.

According to special information
he was -worldwide- the 87 th (since 1912),
who went  'alone around the world by motorcycle'.
He was the first private person who made a Video of such a spectacular trip.

2006: the DVD'around the world by motorcycle' is on the market

We picked out some photos, which we think are representative for his adventure journeys.

click the photos
(but not before you see them all)

1985_ALGERIA_Jochen_close to the border to MOROCCO_first soft sand driving experience ... _Jochen A. Hübener 1987/88_NIGER_SAHARA_Jochen meets german travellers with a Landrover and a Hanomag_what a lucky chance_Jochen A. Hübener 1996_POLYNESIA_Bora Bora_finding the paradise_view from a ... so called ... motu (island)_Jochen A. Hübener 1995_PAKISTAN-Karakoram Highway_dangerous staggering suspension bridge_Jochen A. Hübener 1987/88_UGANDA_Jochen_reaching the EQUATOR_very bad and dangerous political situation_Jochen A. Hübener

Unfortunately, our father could not realize his desire to get on the way a long-term job. Back in Germany he completed (in 8 months) two computer courses Jochen in 2000_during the 'indisoft 55+' Computer Course_Jochen A. Hübener (WINDOWS, WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS, POWERPOINT and INTERNET) and acquired the so-called 'ECDL-DIPLOMA' ECDL-DIPLOMA_European Computer Driving Licence_Jochen A. Hübener ('European Computer Driving License - DIPLOMA'). The last years in Germany he intensified his knowledges in 'FRENCH, ENGLISH and SPANISH' certificate_language courses_français, english, español_Jochen A. Hübener and took courses in 'PORTUGUESE' and in 'RUSSIAN' ; but he went through hard times; it is much better now. So he decided in 2007 to leave Germany to return to a special, a beautiful place that he discovered many years ago ... now he is staying in his paradise for a while ...

... a small island ...
Where it is? ... Find it out!

... see you ...

... After nearly two years he is still there enjoying it ... 

Berlin, June 2001, September 2005, March 2006, June 2007, April 2008 and March 2009 ( will be continued ... )



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